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Jobs on the Move

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indeedjob helps job seekers find the right job that matches their aspirations. It focuses on providing the most unique and innovative services to job seekers which helps them in getting jobs easily. As a part of innovation, indeedjob has launched its new service "JOBS ON THE MOVE" where job seeker doesn't need to search for the job but direclty apply for the job directly from his phone.


Service Highlights

1. Get the best jobs delivered to you which matches your criteria
2. Weekly updates on jobs available in the market
3. Access job updates from all leading portals and not only from
4. Apply for jobs on the move from your phone
5. Customized job alert option as per your profile
6. Increased chances of job interview call by 3x


About Jobs on the Move: 


Job searching is the toughest and difficult work for any degree holders or any individual. Though thousands of jobs are available in the market but job seekers miss the opportunity of working with big brands since they are not able to search the best jobs available in the market due to 2 reasons:

1. Lack of knowledge of job search
2. Lack of time

To cover up this gap, indeedjob brings a unique service i.e Jobs on the move.

Jobs on the move service will make it easier for all individuals to apply for best jobs available in the market depending on the profile. This service will also help individuals in applying for those jobs which they had missed out because of lack of time or because of lack of searchability.

Jobs on the move not only helps a candidate in applying but also increases the chances of getting job interviews by 3x since the candidate applies for more number of jobs which he/she was not aware of.

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