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A prosperous workplace means happy employees. The correlation between the success of an organization and its employees is quite clear. When a company hires the right workforce, its success becomes inevitable. So, it is paramount that you as a business owner should keep a close eye on the employees being hired. I know, it is not possible for all of you as a lot of hiring happens in the big organizations and doing background verification of each candidate under strict monitoring seems quite an arduous task.

This is why businesses look forward to hiring third party verification service providers. These vendors ensure to filter out each information of the employee who is going to join your team. Now, a lot of arguments come up regarding the outsourcing of background verification and why it is so necessary. Let me tell you, it may bean extraneous task, but doing it effectively means strengthening your brand for good.

To counter the critics, here are some of the compelling reasons that show why background verification is necessary for the corporates of sizes and sectors:


As per a survey, in 2016 alone, 1 out of 10 candidates in India provided false information about their education.

There are several instances where the graduation or post-graduation degrees are used by candidates in order to earn a higher salary or better profile.

1 out of 1000 candidates (with a criminal history) lies about their criminal record when applying for a job.

So, yes, it is not over-correcting if you are looking for a third party verification to ensure a well-checked background monitoring for your employees.